Bryce Hall has Become an Investor and Partner in the Cause-Based Company Dog For Dog, Owned by Snoop Dogg, and Michael Bublé and Ryan Kavanaugh

Bryce Hall has Become an Investor and Partner in the Cause-Based Company Dog For Dog, Owned by Snoop Dogg, and Michael Bublé and Ryan Kavanaugh

  • April 5, 2023

As part of the transaction, Dog For Dog has launched a dedicated site, "," where Bryce will have special products, giveaways, and offerings only available to fans and followers of Bryce.

Dog For Dog and Bryce Hall announced that Bryce Hall has become a strategic investor and partner in Dog For Dog, the first one-for-one, cause-based dog food company that specializes in high-quality, all-natural dog food, treats, supplements, and products.

Bryce has over 50 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, Snap, Youtube, and Triller and is considered to be one of the most followed influencers in the world. Most recently, Bryce starred in the upcoming movie Skill House alongside 50 Cent, produced by "the billion dollar producer" Ryan Kavanaugh and directed and written by the writer of the last three movies in the Saw franchise.

Dog For Dog has always been committed to providing the best possible products for dogs, and now it is taking that commitment even further, where instead of a one-for-one, it donates a significant portion of its net sales to help dogs in need.

Dog For Dog's primary products, 'DogsFood', 'Dogsbutter' (a high-end probiotic and prebiotic peanut butter), 'Dogstreats', 'Dogsbars', as well as dental, hygiene, shampoos, and other high-end dog products, are all specially formulated to increase both the quality of a dog's health and life and with the goal of extending dogs' lives through nutrition.



Dog for Dog is not just a company, but a movement to help stop the millions of dogs euthanized in pounds around the world. By donating a piece of each sale to shelters and dogs in need, each purchase of a dog for dog product goes towards the company's goal of stopping all needless killings of dogs in pounds and shelters. To date, the company has donated the equivalent of one million pounds of dog food with the goal of hitting five million pounds.

"We are thrilled to add Bryce as an investor and partner, and to launch ‘Bryces Dog House' to help bring the best dog products to first-time dog owners and help educate people on the importance of our mission," said Tamoor Sharfi, CEO of "Bryce has a large and well-followed voice in today's youth and that is the key to helping make lasting change, educate the first-time dog adopters, Bryce's peers, and followers as to what we are doing and why it's so important" continued Sharfi.

Kavanaugh, the initial founder, said, "Our north star has always been about creating and selling the best product on the market and ending the killings in pounds, period. When we first formulated our food over ten years ago, we hired the best of the best in dog nutrition, veterinarians and put together our 'expert panel' with one goal - create the healthiest dog food and products which will help keep dogs healthier and live longer. We gave them one marching order, 'create products that you would create for your own dogs with absolutely no limitations.' The panel of experts all were involved in the largest dog companies product creation and said 'no other company had ever asked them to do anything like it,'" Kavanaugh continued. "That is when we realized what we are doing isn't just building a company or a cause --but our moral imperative as if no other company even those worth billions and billions of dollars aren't taking on the simplest of tasks to help dogs "make a dog food you would for for your own dogs, then who, when and where? Enter Dog For Dog and our mission. "

"Dog For Dogs' products are unique in that they all undergo a rigorous creation process with one thing in mind - how to keep dogs healthy and how to extend the quality and duration of their lives in a way no other dog company has ever done.

Adding Bryce as a partner is a major milestone as reaching first-time dog adopters and owners and helping them understand that there really is a difference in dog products, early on, is key to making lasting change.

"I have always loved dogs," said Bryce Hall. It wasn't until recently a close friend opened my eyes to the horrible way dogs are treated in pounds and that millions of dogs are killed there each year, mostly because they cannot afford to feed them. So I decided I was going to be the change I wanted to see.

"After learning about the time, money, and expertise Dog For Dog put into creating the healthiest dog products and witnessing first-hand the program they created to help end the killing of dogs in pounds, I put my money and my time where my mouth is. So I stepped up, invested, and agreed to take a major part in bringing Dog For Dog to my community. To stand side by side with industry titans Snoop, Michael and Ryan and take on the responsibility of making sure my generation understands the importance of helping dogs and Dog For Dog's role in it," said Hall. is not just a deal to me but a life mission."

"I want to help make it easier for my generation to get their first dog, so as part of my personal investment, I made sure to add in that we will give two months of free dog food to each first-time adopter who adopts through the Dog For Dog program," said Hall. "And of course, will be to help answer questions and provide tips, guidance, and in general information on how to best care for your dog and how to give them the best possible lives." Hall continued.

"Having founded, built, and sold one of the original largest MCN's, Omni-Media, I've seen firsthand how important having solid fun content to surround a cause is, even with a message and concept as serious as this. Having content that itself is fun, organic, and everlasting, even off color is what grabs audience. Sometimes humor is the best way to the heart," continued Sharfi, "which is one of the reasons Bryce is such a perfect partner."

"To be able to help save millions of dogs, bring products to market that are truly the best of the best, and putting out dope content that will always push the limits, is a dream come true," said Hall.