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  1. A toy that lasts and survives chewing without breaking apart!

    Posted by VMF (not for publication on 27th Sep 2016

    This toy has a perfect design: no frayed rope edges to be torn off and swallowed, no fuzz on a ball to get stuck in teeth -- all the dental benefits of a rope with none of the drawbacks of most rope toys PLUS all the fun of a ball that is pretty indestructible and bounces, too.


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Rubber Ball & Rope Toy



Product Description

Appeal to your dog’s need to tug and pull with this fun rubber ball and rope toy. This toy features a lengthy rope handle attached to a ball to give your dog a challenge and provide an opportunity for interactive play. This toy is built strong to hold up to the toughest pooch’s chompers, making it a durable addition to your canine’s toy chest. The textured design of the rope facilitates dental hygiene, helping your dog keep his teeth cleaner with minimal effort. Add this toy to games of fetch for a fun new slant on the classic game. And remember, for every toy you buy we give a meal to a dog in need.

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