Our team always wanted to make a difference, but for every adoption we did, every dog we rescued, and every donation we made, it still didn’t seem to be enough.  We wanted to make a bigger impact.  DOG for DOG™ is a movement to help as many dogs as we can.  We believe all dogs deserve love and proper nutrition.  With your purchase we will donate a DOGSBAR™ to a dog in need.  

That’s right, it’s that simple: When you buy one, we give one.  We thank you. They thank you.

What Do We Give? 

We donate a DOGSBAR™.  Research shows shelters are usually in abundance of food from large corporations.  What they lack are treats for volunteers to use while training and nutritional items for dogs who have recently entered the shelter and are too distraught to eat regular kibble.

Our movement is backed by caring people like you, with the following products:


A certified organic, gluten free nutrition bar for dogs.  Made with wholesome ingredients such as peanuts, apples, quinoa, and potato flakes.  Use this bar as a snack, a meal supplement, if you're on the go, or simply because you want to help feed a dog in need - with every one sold, one DOGSBAR™ will be donated.


Dogs love peanut butter, so we thought why not make one that not only taste great, but is also good for them.  We added flaxseed for Omega 3 benefits and left out the sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils.  With every jar sold we will donate one DOGSBAR™ to a dog in need.

More exciting products coming soon...!